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Natural cork products

we recommend universal articles made of natural cork for everyday use, interior design and construction

Protection against heat loss

Cork is an uncomplicated material, extremely light and flexible.

Although this inconspicuous raw material seems to be unstable, it is distinguished by a number of properties that make it applicable in many areas of life. Already in ancient times, cork was used to form stoppers for wine and bottles of other alcoholic beverages, buoys for nets and special fishing lures. And despite the fact that today advanced production technologies allow us to obtain many materials with the properties of cork, this one-of-a-kind raw material is still widely used in households.

Of course, we are talking about cork washers, which have been used since time immemorial as protection of surfaces against hot dishes, or the popular cork boards that are used in offices, schools and public buildings.

Antyallergic, stable, flex

In addition to these known and liked objects, cork works very well as a decorative motif, especially when mounted on a wall. The wall cork gives the room a natural look and serves as a place to put important notes, for example instead of cork boards. In addition, cork underlay is perfect for those interiors where we want to eliminate dust because it does not absorb particles of this dust, making it allergy-friendly.

A cork board for a wall or as a floor underlay

The wall plug serves as a thermal insulator of the walls, protecting the rooms from the cold. It can also be used as a self-adhesive wallpaper that tastes great on the wall. Expanded cork is also used as an underlay for panels, parquet or tiles. Its main task is to dampen vibrations and ensure the right temperature. In addition, the cork board to the floor evens out the surface and suppresses creaking of wooden floors. They are a permanent equipment of households, offices and schools. It's the perfect place to post important notes, phone numbers or addresses. They help in learning and playing.


The most popular products made from this raw material are wine corks and other bottles. The alcohol corking method has been used for thousands of years and is still the most advantageous method of storing alcohol. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of our store. We carry out wholesale orders, issue invoices.


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